Yellow Bear Journeys

Journeys for Spiritual Searchers

Spiritual Searchers basically come in three types


Waders, Swimmers, Divers. No one type is better than the others. Today I might be a diver; tomorrow a Wader; two weeks from now a swimmer. It&';s all OK. It&';s where I&';m at and it&';s what I need.

Wader: I&';m willing to get my feet wet, or perhaps I&';ll just walk along the shore. I want to test the water. I want to start to understand my Life Purpose.
I want to Listen to The Wind (Loving Universe, Wisdom, Great Mystery, Provider, Friend). I want to hear what it has to say. I&';m willing to step into Paradise and grab a snack.

Swimmer: I&';m ready to splash around in the water, go in up to my waist, maybe my neck. I may even get my head wet today.
I want to Follow The Wind or at least follow in its footsteps. I want to take the next step in my Spiritual Life. I want to find out more about my Life Purpose. I&';ll walk into Paradise and sit down to a meal.

Diver: I desire to be a Spiritual Leader. Today, I&';m going in all the way. Good luck getting me to come up for a breath of so called reality.
I want to Become One with The Wind, best friends forever. I&';m ready to fulfill my Life Purpose, given some help and half a chance. I&';ll tear the door to Paradise off its hinges if I have to, &';cause I&';m going in to sit down to the feast.

Waders, Swimmers, Divers, All:
Let&';s find out what The Wind has in store for you.

Come, walk on the beach with us. We&';re all on a journey. Sometimes it can be scary. But it&';s going to be OK.

The Wind is gathering around you. First you notice just the air swirling around you, then you notice the leaves, as they cluster around your feet. The birds and trees get closer, and everything starts to come into clearer focus. What you may or may not notice is that the Wind has also gathered together little parts of yourself &n-; parts that you were embarrassed to keep and discarded &n-; parts that you now need.
You feel the Wind gently tug at your collar, so you follow it. Suddenly you find yourself on a path &n-; one that is leading you where you always wanted to go. You&';re walking along, as happy as a lark, when all of a sudden you come upon a stream crossing your path. You almost fall in, but manage to grab a hold of a tree at the last moment. You regain your footing and just stand there. There is no way over or around the stream. Swimming across does not seem like a good option. Going back is not an option &n-; what you seek is on the other side of the stream.
You become aware of footprints besides your own on your side of the stream. Others have been here before. Some footprints turn around and head back. But others don&';t. Then you notice that some of the footprints continue on, on the other side of the stream. Others made it across. How did they do it? Was there a trick to it? Perhaps a map?

Come, join me on a Yellow Bear Journey today. Find your own path.
The Wind &n-; A kind benevolent friend who will show you the path to your happiness.

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