Yellow Bear Journeys

Resources from Our Ohana


You may be interested in services that we and our close friends and family are offering besides helping people become One with the Wind.

Dale Stubbart offers Computer Consulting. It&';s second nature to him.

Kent and Laura Irwin offer eFinPLAN which gives you a comprehensive financial plan custom built to your unique financial situation, placing you in control of your financial forecast.

Kim Townsend offers Wellness Products including essential oils. Live Well, Travel Well, Shop Well, Be Well! Contact her at for more info.

Th&e';r&e`;se Wenner offers Heart Centered Integration for all Life&';s Weather. She specializes in CranialSacral Therapy for all ages. She also offers guidance for parents and children who are experiencing birth trauma.
Th&e';r&e`;se Wenner, LMP 360-220-3748.

Wanda Stubbart supports The Columbus Ohio Saturday Music Club where professional musicians gather to perform public appearances.

Oh speck of life in your mother&';s womb
When the thunder of the Wind thrummed through you
What a beauty!
What a marvel!
Just look at you!

But now?
The mystery is still there!
Whether awake or asleep it does not matter
A rebel, as you should be
A rose
A butterfly
A screaming eagle
A whisper through the heart of the Wind!

▼ ▼ ▼ ▼ ▼