Yellow Bear Journeys

What is a Yellow Bear Journey

     What is a Yellow Bear Journey?
     A Yellow Bear Journey is a life-changing journey to help you discover your deepest, truest self. (Or, if you already know who your deepest, truest self is, to help you make deeper, truer discoveries about your deepest, truest self). Typically, we take a walk with you on the beach. We (all of us) drop into our hearts. Then we (all of us) listen to what we hear the Wind saying. We listen to what we hear nature saying. And, we listen to what our hearts are saying. We also listen to our bodies.
     We may incorporate singing, dancing, drawing, writing, movement, chanting, and stories in the journey.
     We almost always start with breath and heart awareness. We may include body awareness.
     We often include directed meditation, where we ask you to close your eyes and tell us what you see and hear. We will ask questions as we receive inner promptings, but mostly we allow the Wind to guide you.
     We may include other spiritual exercises in your journey. These may be individual or partner exercises.
     Sometimes a walk on the beach is not the best setting to experience your journey. On those occasions we work with you to decide what would be the best setting.

     What is a Yellow Bear Journey?
     It is a time for listening to the Wind and enjoying what unfolds.
     A Yellow Bear Journey is a life-changing journey to help you discover your deepest, truest self. Again, and again, and again.
     Your Yellow Bear Journey is all about you. You’ve been hiding inside yourself for the longest time, yearning to come out, waiting for the right moment. You’re fearful that if you do come out of hiding, you won’t be recognized. Nobody knows who you really are, least of all yourself. You fear that nobody wants to know you. You fear that you won’t be able to fulfill your life’s true purpose.
     And even if you don’t fear those things, you have no idea how to find out who that person on your inside, your bigger, better self is. And you have no idea how to help your true self come to the surface.
     Your true self, your favorite hero, the one who can conquer the universe and always comes to your rescue, the one who never gives up, who knows things will get better, has a secret. Your true self has friends. Your friends are your relationships. Your friends are your relationship with your deepest truest self and its relationship with you. Your friends are your relationship with your emotions, with nature, with The Wind, and even your relationships with others.
     You have lots and lots of friends who will help you let your deepest, truest self come to the surface.
     A Yellow Bear Journey helps you discover your friends and build those friendships.

     You are special! Your deepest, truest self is special! The Wind wants you to both come out and play!

     Dale Yellow Bear

     My Story:
     My wife and I started seeking our true purposes one day. I thought it would be interesting to know what my true purpose was. I thought I had a pretty good idea. (I had no idea). So we started reading Martha Beck’s Finding your Own North Star. We were moved further down our paths by Byron Katie’s Loving What is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life.
     I started to get a clue to my life purpose when I read the poem, Jamberry by Bruce Degen. But it took me a few more years to accept that it really was ok to do what I loved doing the most. And that what I loved doing the most was my life purpose. Jamberry is a poem about the friendship between a boy and a bear and berries. Kind of like my friendship with Yellow Bear and Blueberries.
     During this transition, I started to discover Yellow Bear (my deepest truest self). I also discovered his innate ability to always find Blueberries (lip-smacking spiritual nutrition) anytime, anywhere. As I discovered this new part of myself, I started remembering that Yellow Bear had been there my entire life, and that I had had a relationship with him my entire life, even though I was not cognizant of it for many years. My connection with the Wind became more and more complete. I became more whole. And, eventually, I let my inner happy baby take control. (Actually, as I remember it, I let down my guard for just one vulnerable second, and my inner happy baby took control. I never regretted it.)
     It took a while, but I did figure out my true life purpose. It was something I had been doing all my life – helping people discover that they’re ok. Helping people discover the best parts about theirselves. Helping them to discover their deepest, truest self.

     The Secrets:
     So, I started out to find my true purpose, and ended up discovering my true self. Along the way, I discovered secrets to the process of discovering your deepest truest self. These secrets help the process go much smoother and faster.
     •  Let the Wind hold your heart.
     •  Let Nature hold your heart.
     •  Let others hold your heart.
     •  Allow yourself to hold your heart.