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Yellow Bear Journeys

Life Changing Beach Walks

     Come! Join us for a walk on the beach. Just a simple walk on the beach. We’ll walk and talk. We’ll laugh a little. You’ll tell us what’s on your mind. We’ll all listen. What’s that the Wind is saying? What’s that your heart is echoing? Questions will be answered. Mysteries will be explained. You’ll understand what is true. Your doubts will vanish.
     Oh yes, and that little hole in your heart, it will start to heal.
     Yellow Bear is a very special friend of mine. He’s very good at rescuing people from their inner civil war. He helps you become friends with yourself. He can help you put the puzzle back together – the puzzle that is you.
     Terry, my beloved companion, sometimes joins us for our walk on the beach. She helps us remember sweetness as she invites us into the presence of the Divine.

     We are called to work with eco-spiritual leaders and those who want to be leaders. We are called to work with mystics and misfits. We are called to work with those who seek a better world filled with peace. We are called to work with those who seek peace in their lives. We are called to work with Artists, Dancers, Singers, Writers, and with those who are called to love.

     Come! Join us for a walk on the beach. Encounter the Wind. Be set free! Your life will be changed, forever!

     The Call of the Wind
     Child born of the wind
       Free, as free as me
     Billow, flutter, and gale
       Then sail

     Sail to freedom, sail home, sail to me!

     Then Yellow Bear stepped on the wind
     Where he stepped, there was nothing
     Where he stepped, there was everything

     Then he knew why the birds sing
     And the children laugh
     He knew why water flowed
     And fire burned

     And he knew why the wind called to him
     and why he longed to answer

     Throw yourself into the wind!
     Throw yourself into the wind
       Laugh with Eternal Laughter

     Throw yourself into the wind
       Fall in love with Love

     Throw yourself into the wind
       Be adopted with abandon

     Throw yourself into the wind, my soul
       Let the wind throw itself into you